Terrible flu

I was so busy at work last Wednesday.

After finishing work, I was exhausted and had a back pain.

"Why don't we take a short break before closing the office? I am too tired to do it."

I told my coworker and we ate chocolate together.

After I came home, I had a lot of housework.

But I couldn't move my body.

"It's unusual."

I thought and take my temperature, it was 37.8 degrees Celsius.

"As I expected!"

It was so hard but I had to prepare dinner, hold laundry and put them into the chests of drawers, wash the bathtub, iron the shirts, and spread our futon.

I texted to my husband to ask him to come home early.

He returned email that he will come home as soon as possible, but he didn't come home before we went to bed.

"I will go to bed earlier because I have a fever, so you two also go to bed early!"

I told my children.

The next day was my 6-year-old daughter's entrance ceremony at the elementary school.

But, I couldn't go.

I had a terrible muscle pain and high fever.

I went to see a doctor, but he diagnosed I had a cold.

I was so hard that I went to the clinic again and the flu test was positive.

I already recovered it, but I never want to be suffered from it again.

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!

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