Mother's day

My children and husband gave me carnations as a Mother's day present.

I was really glad to receive it.

When we went shopping to the supermarket, my 6-year-old son suggested my husband to give it to me.

I didn't notice that they bought it at the flower shop because I went to different places in the supermarket apart from them.

I am really happy because I could be a mother thanks to you!

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!


My husband's masterpiece

My husband made "Shirokuma (しろくま)" for our 6-year-old daughter during Golden Week.

Shirokuma (White bear) is character of Sumikkogurashi (すみっコぐらし), which is very popular character merchandise among little girls.

Sumikko means at a corner of a room, and Gurashi means "living".

All characters of Sumikkogurashi like staying at a corner.

It means Japanese tend to feel relax staying at the corner of somewhere, for instance, a corner seat of a restaurant, a corner seat of a train, like that.

As well as other girls, our daughter loves Sumikkogurashi, she said during Golden Week;

"I want to the stuffed toy of Shirokuma!"

My husband said;

"But these merchandise are expensive. All right, I will make it for you."

"Really? Please don't tell the promise which you will not be able to keep."

I told him.

"It's easy for me! I will definitely do it!"

He said.

"Wow! Thank you dad!"

Our daughter was so excited to hear it.

I wondered if he would keep his promise.

But, he did.

He made it using a towel!

"What a amazing dad! I can't believe!"

My daughter sew on its hands and feet.

I was surprised at my husband and daughter's incredible work.

Actually, I am not good at sewing.

I am glad that she is handy like her dad.

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!